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Salton Sea and Borrego Springs 2017

Took a great three day trip out to the desert around the Salton Sea area and Galleta Meadows in Borrego Springs.  It was a fun trip with gorgeous weather in the mid 70’s to low 80’s during the day.   Lots of photo opportunities, especially if you visit Salvation Mountain, Slab City and East Jesus (see Slab City).  There is no religious connotation in the name East Jesus – it is a colloquialism for a place in the middle of nowhere beyond the edge of service availability; the off-grid facility operates with no municipal utilities.  I would also recommend you visit Galleta Meadows in Borrego Springs and see the approximately 130 metal sculptures by Ricardo Breceda (Atlas Obscura).  My favorites were the sea serpent, the grasshopper and the scorpion.  We spent two nights and three days exploring the area, which I think is a minimum amount of time.  For me, next time I go out I will probably spend three nights and four days.  It’s a highly recommended trip if you are into interesting and unique places.

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Galleta Meadows - Borrego Springs, California

In An Abandoned Warehouse - Niland, California

Galleta Meadows - Borrego Springs, California




Great Blue Heron - Salton Sea, California

Anza Borrego State Park - Cathy Burton

Mecca, California




Galleta Meadows - Borrego Springs, CA

Calipatria, California

Brawley, California




Black Necked Stilts - Salton Sea, California

Bombay Beach, California

Calipatria, California




East Jesus - Salton Sea, California (Wikipedia)

Glamis, California

Niland, California




Fork in the Road - East Jesus (Wikipedia)

Route 78 - Borrego Springs, California

Borrego Springs, California




Old North Shore Yacht Club - Salton Sea, California

Salvation Mountain, California

Thursday Night at the Viper Lounge - Slab City, California




Bombay Beach, California




Anza Borrego Desert State Park