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I was looking for a new place to photograph, so in November 2016  I flew to Brazil.  The trip was a total of 10 days, of which seven were spent on the MV Tucano (photos below), traveling up the Rio Negro and Amazon Rivers.  Although the boat holds a maximum of 16 guests, there were only four of us on board.  We were outnumbered by the crew which resulted in exceptional service by all involved.  Although it was hot and humid and the very beginning of the rainy season, it was a good trip - we experienced only one afternoon of rain.  Exploring the jungle, visiting villages, fishing for Piranhas, swimming, and lots of interesting photography, all made for a fascinating trip.  I think next time I might go during the height of the rainy season, when I understand you will see more wildlife. If you are thinking about a trip to Manaus and then up the Rio Negro, please do not hesitate to email me - I‘d be happy to help in any way I can.  Cheers, Stephen

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On a Sandbar in the Rio Negro River

Manaus Opera House

Rio Negro River




Long-billed Woodcreeper (Nasica longirostris)

Spectacled Caiman at night

Sunset on the Rio Negro River - Northwest Brazil





Airo Velho, Brazil - Abandoned Rubber Plantation

Agami Heron (chestnut-bellied heron)




Giant River Otters

Sandbar in the Rio Negro River

Along the Amazon in Manaus




Runway 8R at Eduardo Gomez International Airport - Manaus

Beach at the Hotel Tropical - Manaus

Ringed Kingfisher




American Kestrel

On the Rio Negro

Spectacled Caiman




San Sebastian Church - Manaus

On the streets of Manaus

River Front Living




Tiger Herron

Brazilian Swallows

Jungle Walk




Airo Velho, Brazil - Abandoned Rubber Plantation

On the Rio Negro - Novo Airao, Brazil

Airo Velho, Brazil - Abandoned Rubber Plantation




Our one rain day






Tucano - Our home in the Amazon

Dining Room on board

My Stateroom with Bunk Beds - Small but sufficient




Getting ready for dinner

Squirrel Monkey

Wash Day




Our Great Crew - Guide on left, Captain 2nd in on left

Village Visit - State of Amazonas, Brazil

Afternoon Soccer Match




Village visit in Amazonas

Rio Negro in the late afternoon

Living on board