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Below Zero - Alaska

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Trans-Alaskan Pipeline

Dog Sledding outside Fairbanks

At the Arctic Circle




Fairbanks Airport in March

Dalton Highway on the way to the Arctic Circle

Mailboxes in Fairbanks




Ice Carving at the BP World Ice Art Championships

Not a sign you will see in the lower 48.

Arctic Fox - Pt. Barrow, AK




Outside the Suzuki - Point Barrow, Alaska

Fairbanks, AK

Aurora in Alaska (More Aurora Photos Here)




Downtown Barrow in March

Barrow from the Air - Arctic Ocean in the Background

View of the Summer Fishing Village with a Palm Tree




Barrow Quonset Huts

Arctic Shoreline

Summer Fishing Cabin




An oops - Coming back from Pt. Barrow. Yes, I was on the bottom.

Pt. Barrow Snow Fence

Summer Fishing Village - Pt. Barrow




Barrow, AK

Arctic Ocean - Point Barrow, AK

Barrow, AK




Pt. Barrow, Alaska



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Photographs taken in Fairbanks and Barrow, Alaska.