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China and Tibet

I’ve just returned from a 26 day trip to Tibet and China. In Tibet I had the opportunity to go to Everest Base Camp (5,200 meters - 17, 056 feet) and overnight at the Rongbuk Monastery. My friend, Henri, and I, spent 15 days visiting various areas of Tibet. After finishing our trip through Tibet, we took the train from Lhasa back to Beijing, a trip of approximately 50 hours - sharing a compartment with two Chinese travelers. (If you take the train, make sure to get “soft sleeper” seats, which are really bunks, and are in a compartment that has a maximum of four bunks.)

Back in Beijing (staying at the charming Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel) I visited all the obligatory tourist sites - the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace. I also went to a Chinese home for dinner, and took a cooking class with a wonderful host at another home. The food in Beijing was great, especially the Peking Duck (does Peking Duck really taste better in Beijing than in L.A.?) All in all, a great trip.


Beijing, China




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